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Catty Corner by Catsbury Park

Mar 25, 2019

Its episode 19 and this week we have a special edition of Cats in The News. This week its "Catmen in The News" with special guest Adam Catman of West Oakland. DJ & Adam talk about fellow catman Maurice and how saving a cats life is costing him three weeks of work. Then DJ talks with Michele Hoffman of Milos Sanctuary...

Mar 18, 2019

In episode 18 DJ goes on location the windy city to catch up with Shelly & Chris the founders of The Cat Cade. The 3 of them crammed into a shoebox-size hotel room and chatted about all things cat cafe.  

CATTY CORNER, a podcast about all things cat by the people who brought you Catsbury Park and Catsbury Park...

Mar 11, 2019

In episode 17 DJ & Jake get a guest caller for Cats In the News to discuss how a small town in Nebraska helped find his missing cat four months later. Then DJ gets a chance to catch up with Jae & Adrienne, The Two Crazy Cat Ladies, to converse about all things cat & cat wellness. 

CATTY CORNER, a podcast about all...